Welcome to Mount Litera Zee School REWA. Admission Open 2022-2023: Nursery To 11TH Class.For More info Call:+91-9340750252  


Mount Litera Zee schools are an endeavour by ZLL to bring about a quantum improvement in school education. The purpose is to help children realize their unique potential through their state-of-the-art infrastructure and facilities, well trained teachers, and a proprietary pedagogy; Mount Litera Zee Schools provide holistic and quality education to all its students. ZLL’s unique, proprietary K-12 education model – Litera Octave provides students with the opportunity to achieve their true, unique potential. Litera Octave is an integrated educational model that has been honed over years of research and development. It integrates various pillars such as content, infrastructure, classroom design, assessment and systems that impact the child during his/her learning and development in school.

      Chairman - Mr. Sangam Lal Tiwari

About Chairman
Mount Litera Zee School (REWA)

The Chairman dedicated his entire life to children, to the cause of good education. He started the school in 2016. As per school vision the true goal of education is fostering intelligence plus character not just the knowledge of facts but of moral values, keeping this thing in mind, school is determined to instill a rich value system among the students. That is the frame work on which the students will build their lives. The school emphasises on developing all aspects of a child growth intelleclual physical,mental of spritual and build an indomitable sprit in the students that will propel them to success in all circum stances..